Once upon a time, a group of fabulous people organized a small meeting, secretly – that could only take place in the darkest hour of the night. Silent, though outspoken. Calm, though full of intensity.

This fabulous community discussed about being fed up of having to deal with all routines that the nightlife holds these days. Unanimously they decided to therefore exclude the ordinary and to only embrace the luxurious. A night, without expectations to be living up to. No massive, but a selective gathering in the darkest hours of the night. The secret is yet to be revealed: you can only hope to be invited to the SECRET SOCIETY.

No over-the-top convincing keywords. No “you have to be here” for a moment. Not en masse at all. No, there is no average VIP. The guest list is kept minimal for once to convince you. SECRET SOCIETY turns the tables!

Secret Revealed: the date & location

In the middle of the night, on saturday, november 18, the mystery surrounding the concept reaches its secret climax for the first time in Club Shique in Schaijk. All lucky owners of a SECRET SOCIETY Entrance Card will imagine themselves in a luxurious world full of house, techhouse and techno with breathtaking entertainment and special fx. from 22:00 to 4:00 AM.

Tickets can only be purchased through invitation or by our dj’s and ambassadors. These are actually the ‘friends of the society. All very different people, but with the same sympathetic grin and relaxed appearance. There’s a good chance you know one.

So this leaves the society with one question only: do you have what it takes to truly be one of us? Check INSTAGRAM @secretsociety for more info.

Minimum age 21+

Drescode: chique

Music: (tech)House and techno